A Dying Way of Life

Today our program took a trip to visit members of the Tanzanian tribe known as the Hadzabe. The Hadza people are some of the last remaining hunters and gatherers left on Earth, and have maintained their culture with limited changes throughout their known time in Tanzania. They are estimated to be one of the original […]

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Knowing The Line

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a cultural maasai boma. A cultural boma is a group of traditional homes where you can learn about the culture and traditions of a tribe, and is a common stop for many tourists in Tanzania. The maasai tribe is the most prominent tribe associated with cultural tourism and […]

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Expedition #1

Sorry for the delayed post everyone! WiFi here has been down for a few days now. On Friday we left for our first expedition. This expedition was located in the area in and around Tarangire National Park, and took place over a period of five days. It was a whirlwind of fieldwork, but it was […]

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